Image Link Building Strategy to help you get Exposure and Traffic

A big problem for travel companies/writers is finding travel stock images for the destinations they write about, sometimes they don’t even see the country or place – it’s a huge pain point.

Most of them don’t want to use licenses for the premium photos as they small time bloggers.

There are more than 200+ free stock image sites on the internet

Then I’ve been looking at their copyright licenses and seeing which ones require attribution links to the photo taker… I now have a list of 20 – 30.

Good Link Directories Criteria:

  1. Allow profiles
  2. Have links to all the social profiles
  3. Say they need attribution to the photo taker

Image Link SEO Strategy

The basis of this is to go through all my photos in the last few years and upload them to these sites and other image sharing sites that require attribution to the photo taker (me).
I make 100% sure to only set the rights to Creative Commons in the description.
After some time has passed bloggers and other websites will be using the pictures I uploaded. Sometimes they may be a little sneaky and not reference your site. You can find these sites by doing an image search

An email to the webmaster to reference your site or give credit to the picture will almost ensure you get the link from the website. This can be done every 3 months and generate automatic links from awesome content (your pictures)

So you get about 20 – 40 links for making a profile on these high DA stock photos sites

This strategy is mainly a long term white hat strategy. Sites give high DA60-80 backlinks to these photographers in articles when they use these images.

A list of image directories to submit your images



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